cricket is a sport played between two teams.Each team has 11 members in it, it is played by a ball and bat,where a team tries to scoremore runs while they are batting , and the opponent team tries to stop them to score more runs in an innings. runsare scored by hitting it by a bat nd the opponent team fielders have to stop them by scoring more runs. in cricket there is aset of six wickets which is made by small wooden sticks .a fielding team can make abasman out by many wys such has a bowler have to bowl a ball to a batsman and if a batsman cannot hit that ball and tht ball directly hits the wickets then a bats man will be declared as out,and if batsman hits the ball in the air nd the fielder inside the ground catches it then also the batsman is out ,other way to make batsman out is whn a batsman hits the ball triesto make run by running between the wickets before the bats man reach the screase if the fielders take the ball and hit the wicket then also the batsmn out.